Family members of Council 65 members Win National Scholarships

AFSCME Family Scholarship

Elizabeth Merdan, daughter of Local 748 member Susan Merdan, is one of 12 winners of the 2022 AFSCME Family Scholarship. Winners receive $2,000.00 each year for up to four years to put towards their education.

In Elizabeth's winning essay titled, "What AFSCME Has Meant To Our Family," she credits AFSCME for her mother's long, fullfilling career as a county social worker. Thanks to the benefits the union helped fight for, her mother has been able to earn higher wages, take time off work to attend to her family when needed, and feel secure in her job. Elizabeth sees "how union representation can make a difference in a number of ways for an employee and take a position from being just a job to being a very good career!"

Congratulations Elizabeth!

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Union Plus Scholarship

Macie Frommie, daugher of Local 3953 member Lisa Frommie, has been awarded one of 27 $1,000 scholarships sponsored by Union Plus.

Congratulations Macie!

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