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The Minnesota Legislature has passed to major bills helping address the funding issues facing our healthcare system, local governments, and small businesses.  Both have been signed by Governor Walz.  We will keep this page up to date with any new legislation affecting AFSCME 65 members and our communities. 

Governor Walz's Executive Orders

Executive order 20-26

Ensures the continuation of the states Medical Cannabis Program throughout the peacetime emergency.

Executive order 20-25

Authorizes Peace Officers, Firefighters, and Security-Related Licensing Boards to Modify Requirements During the COVID-19 Peacetime Emergency

Executive Order 20-24

Removes certain regulations and limitations to Motor Carriers and Drivers Operating in Minnesota to help ensure minimal interuption of essential supply chains such asfood and medical equipment.

Executive Order 20-23

Authorizes health-related licensing boards to defer continuing education requirements until the first reporting cycle following termination of the peacetime emergency declared in E.O. 20-01.  Extends various other health certifications and renewal periods.

Authorises the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy to enforce limitations on certain medications until the termination of the peacetime emergency.

Executive order 20-22

Authorizes the State Auditor to temporarily suspend reporting requirements during the COVID-19 peacetime emergency. 

Executive Order 20-21

Clarifies that Executive Order 20-07 allows for the coverage of employees of Minnesota's Constitutional Officers.

Executive Order 20-20

In this order, Governor Walz is implimenting a "Stay at Home" directive for Minnesotans.  The stay at home order means that people should only leave their residence for essential activity and maintain proper social distancing.  

The rest of the order outlines which workers might be considered "Critical Sector Workers" who may be exempt from the order.  Click here for a more in-depth look at which positions might be "Critical Sector"

EXecutive Order 20-19

Provides for the planned Distance Learning Period for Minnesota's schools during the peacetime emergency. Continues to direct schools to provide care for students 12 and under who are eligible under previous orders. This order also provides legistical options for schools under the peacetime emergency.

Executive Order 20-18

Extends the closure of bars, restaurants and other public accommodations in E.O. 20-04 & 20-08 until May 1, 2020 at 5:00pm. The order still allows for forms of take-out or delivery observing proper social distancing.

Executive order 20-17

Clarifying E.O. 20-09's (limitations on elictive procedures) application to Veterinary Surgeries and procedures. 

executive order 20-16

Requires certain non-criticalcare medical facilities to complete an inventory of Personal Protective Equiptment (PPE) and encourages such facilities to donate or sell any equiptment to critical health care services or essential services. 

executive order 20-15

Grants the Department of Employment & Economic Development the ability to assist small businesses affected by the COVID-19 crisis. 

EXecutive order 20-14

Suspends and delays certain evictions to guarantee a safe shelter for residents during the peacetime emergency.  The order does not  relieve a tenants obligation to pay rent. 

executive order 20-13

Authorized use of the Minnesota National Guard to assist with the transportation of essential medical equipment known as PPE. 

executive order 20-12

Provides the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Services to make important changes to ensure continued access to Human Services Programs during the COVID-19 Peacetime Emergency.

executive order 20-11

Allows the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Services to seek out federal authority to change or waive all federal requirements applicable to its programs and services. 

executive order 20-10

Prohibiting all persons from selling, or offering to sell any essential consumer goods or services for an amount that represents an unconscionable excessive price. 

executive order 20-09

Directs the delay of most inpatient and outpatient elective surgeries in Minnesota.

executive order 20-08

Clarifies the public accommodations subject to Executive Order 20-04.

executive order 20-07

Provides COVID-19 related paid leave to certain state employees, and waives waiting period for new state employees health insurance.  Suspends certain collective bargaining provisions for state workers during the COVID-19 peacetime emergency. 

executive order 20-06

Providing for Emergency Relief from regulations to Motor Carriers and Drivers operating in Minnesota.

executive order 20-05

Allows workers who are not able to work either directly or indirectly as a result of COVID-19 to receive unemployment benefits.  Waves the one week waiting period and the requirment that beneficiaries actively look for work.  Provides other assistance and waivers. 

executive order 20-04

Provides for the temporary closure of bars, restaurants, and other places of public accommodation. 

executive order 20-03

Specific provisions to protect Minnesota Veterans Homes during the COVID-19 peacetime emergency.

executive order 20-02

Authorizes and Directs Minnesota's Schools to close for an eight day period in order to plan for a long-term remote learning plan for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Also provides for continued funding to pay staff through the end of the scheduled school year regardless of student contact. 

executive order 20-01

Declairing a peacetime emergency and coordinating Minnesota's Strategy to Protect Minnesotans from COVID-19. Promotes Social Distancing and provides structure for future decisions during this peacetime emergency.