South Dakota COVID-19 Updates

The spread of Coronavirus has shaken our communities.  You as Public Employees in South Dakota are being called upon to keep your communities running while information is changing daily, and sometimes hourly.  Your AFSCME Brothers and Sisters in South Dakota, your AFSCME neighbors in Minnesota, and AFSCME public employees across the country are standing beside you to make sure your rights are protected in a time when you are being asked to make some significant contributions to your fellow South Dakotans.  AFSCME workers make America happen every day providing vital services to our communities. 


Please keep the following resources in mind to protect yourself and your family if you get sick or experience issues because of the Covid-19 virus. 



Knowing your rights is important!


On a national level your AFSCME Leaders have been advocating for the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.  Congress has passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act which provides regulation for Paid Sick Leave; Expanded FMLA; expanded unemployment benefits related to Covid-19, and more. Learning what benefits apply to our members is a high priority for all levels of AFSCME.  You will be receiving more communications on this in the next few days.