2023 Convention Workshops

We are excited about the Convention workshops this year and ask attendees to pre-register for each session they plan to attend so we can plan for numbers. See schedule, descriptions, and registration links below.

Friday, October 13th

Steward Training

This workshop will go over the various roles and responsibilities of the union steward. The AFSCME steward, more than any other union leader or activist, has the opportunity to energize and mobilize the source of our union’s strength: the membership. Every day, the steward is the one union person members see when they are at work. In the eyes of most AFSCME members, you are the union. So, if they have faith in you, members will have faith in the union. Part 1 will cover the fundamentals of being a steward—rights, roles, and responsibilities; investigating and writing grievances; past practice. Part 2 will deal with representing members in disciplinary cases including Weingarten rights and Just Cause. Experienced stewards do not have to take part one to sign up for part two.

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The Arbitrator said what? - A case presentation

The final resolution in the grievance procedure is arbitration. We will review a recent case, the circumstances that resulted in the grievance, the employer’s position vs. the union's as the grievance advanced through each step, and make a prediction of how the arbitrator ruled and why, before disclosing the arbitrator’s findings and reasoning for their decision.  

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PERA:  From Hire to Retire

From Hire to Retire is the perfect place for members to begin and to continue education on PERA benefits for public workers. The program is designed for new PERA members, those who are close to retirement, and everyone in between. The PERA pension is discussed in detail, including how it fits into an overall retirement plan. PERA’s pension benefit options, life changes that affect PERA, decisions members must make, and self-service tools are highlighted.

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Labor History        

Without a clear understanding of where we came from, it’s hard to have a full grasp of where we are headed. The struggles of those before us are an integral part of who we are as labor today. This seminar will offer a cursory outline of major events, political and legislative ebbs and flows, and the true need to remember the importance of direct action to revitalize the labor movement.      

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NEW EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION                                                    

A wave of recent retirements means that we are also seeing many new faces in the workplace. Integrating those new co-workers into their union takes more than a fifteen minute “sales pitch.” This workshop will cover creating an NEO program of relationship-building from day one through the first year.

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I'm an officer, now what?                                                    

Congratulations on being elected as an officer in your union! Being a local union officer is a critically important job. This workshop will go over the various roles and responsibilities of the union officer.

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