Member Trainings

AFSCME Council 65 offers a wide variety of trainings for our members and locals. Talk to your labor representative or contact our office at 218-885-3242 or [email protected] to request any of the following trainings.

Check out our Calendar of Events to see what upcoming trainings we already have scheduled. 

Communication Structure Training – 4-6 hours
Could your local or bargaining unit get information out to every worker in 24 hours by having face-to-face conversations? How do you communicate efficiently in a worksite? This training gives you the tools you need to have one to one conversations, map out your workplace and identify workplace leaders, and the ability to create an effective communication structure within your local, bargaining unit, and workplace. This allows you to build relationships, grow your membership, create a strong union identity, and quickly facilitate the exchange of information. We recommend this training annually for all locals.

Governance Training – 8 hours
Ever wonder what your role is as an E-Board Member or Chair Officer? How to better function as a team? This training covers local union governance roles, priorities, how to effectively chair a meeting, and efficiently communicate with your local members. You will also have hands on experience talking one on one with union members, planning for your local, and other interactive activities. We recommend this training after any local leadership change and/or every election.

Grievance Training – 3- 4 hours
What is a grievance versus a gripe?  What about a past practice?  How and when do you file a grievance? What is just cause?  Who should take notes? What is needed in a grievance file? Who does arbitrations? What rights does a steward or officer have in an investigation? Let us help your local understand the grievance procedure and process in an interactive and productive training session. This training is great for any new steward, officer, or a great refresher for someone with experience!

Negotiating Team Training4-8 hours
How should a Negotiating Teamwork?  How do we conduct ourselves at the table with the Employer? What is a caucus? What is the most effective strategy to communicate back to your local or bargaining unit about the bargaining progress? What is a contract campaign? This training covers the basics and helps grow relationships and foster trust within your negotiating team in an interactive and fun way. You will learn to communicate one to one with co-workers, how to keep your solidarity at the table, and grow power to secure a better contract. We recommend this training for every elected negotiating team.

New Employee Orientation Training4-8 hours
What was your first experience with your union? Did you even know you were part of a union?  Did you have lots of questions or know who to ask? Feeling welcome and knowing where to get answers is important.  You can be part of your local, your bargaining unit, or active in your worksite by building union identity and solidarity through an effective New Employee Orientation structure. This training facilitates how to have one to one conversation, share your personal story, and engage in the vision of the union with new workers. Learn to track new workers, assert your rights under your contract, and follow up while building relationships. You will practice these skills during the training as well as create a plan and structure that works for you. We recommend this training for all locals looking to build their union internally and engage interest from employees it should be done annually or after any local leadership change.

Financial Responsibility Training

This training is conducted by AFSCME International. Any AFSCME officer, treasurer, or trustee who signs checks or conducts audits for their local is encouraged to take this class.  Join fellow AFSCME leaders to develop these critical skills.

Looking for forms, or just need a quick refresher on financial standards? Treasurers, trustees or officers who deal with their local's finances can find more information at

Beyond Bias Training – 2 hours
What is implicit bias? Do you have it? How do we see the world through our own social conditioning and how does it affect our union, workplaces, and relationships with others? Learn the science of how our brains work and how we can actively work to rewire them for a more inclusive world. This training curriculum was born out of AFSCME International Racial Equity and Inclusion team in conjunction with the Safe Places for the Advancement of Community and Equity (SPACEs) project. We recommend this training for every member of our union.