Kaysie Worm

Labor Representative
(320) 982-0769

Kaysie is a 3rd generation union card holder, raised with a strong sense of duty and service. She signed her first membership card in 2014 with AFSCME Local 748-4 (Stearns County Human Services), becoming a union steward and eventually the chapter chairperson. She lives in the rural Foley area with her husband (a member of the BAC Local 1 MN/ND) and their children; her favorite past times are camping and four-wheeling, listening to true crime/political podcasts and watching Viking football-forever believing that THIS YEAR is OUR YEAR! 

To her core she believes that American union members are the backbone of this great nation. That the brothers and sisters who came before us set the pathway for us all to achieve the American Dream; it is our duty to keep organizing, to keep pushing forward and to never take anything for granted. 

Kaysie joined AFSCME Council 65 as labor representative in October 2022. She represents the following local unions: 

  • Local 0748-0001, 0014, 0016 St. Cloud City
  • Local 0748-0002, 0004, 0010 Stearns County
  • Local 0748-0003 Sauk Rapids City
  • Local 0748-0005 Sauk Centre
  • Local 0748-0007 St. Cloud School
  • Local 0748-0008 St. Joseph City
  • Local 0748-0009 Melrose Public Utilities
  • Local 0748-0018 Holdingford City
  • Local 0748-0019, 0026, 0027 Rice City
  • Local 0748-0025 St. Cloud Metro Transit
  • Local 0748-0031 St. Cloud Regional Airport
  • Local 1243-0000 Benton County
  • Local 1345-0000, 0001 Great River Retional Library
  • Local 2059-0001, 0002 Long Prairie Grey Eagle School
  • Local 2564-0001, 0002 Morrison County
  • Local 2564-0003 Little Falls City
  • Local 2564-0004 Royalton School
  • Local 2564-0005 Royalton City
  • Local 3168-0000, 3525-0001 Todd County
  • Local 3455-0000 Onamia School
  • Local 3627-0000 Little Falls School

“If we don’t fight hard enough for the things we stand for, at some point we have to recognize that we don’t really stand for them.”  - U.S. Senator Paul Welstone