MLPNA and AFSCME 65 Urge Lawmakers to Recognize the Contribution of All Frontline Workers.

Minnesota LPNs Urge Lawmakers to Include All Frontline Workers in Hero Pay Proposal.

Republican members of the committee propose excluding roughly half a million essential frontline workers from consideration for Hero Pay.

St. Cloud – The Minnesota Licensed Practical Nurses Association (MLPNA), calls on legislators to include all frontline essential workers in their proposal for Frontline Worker Hero Pay. At the beginning of this pandemic, we praised our frontline workers and promised to support them. Lawmakers must honor that promise. Leaving any frontline worker out, discredits their contribution to Minnesotans during the pandemic.

“Excluding any frontline workers is a slap in the face to someone who put their life at risk for our communities,” said Deb Tauer, LPN President of MLPNA. “We as nurses understand what it takes to be a frontline worker. We would not have been able to go to work and care for your loved ones if not for the brave sacrifices of each frontline worker. Like us, they knew they were at risk every day.”

“Without the school workers who watched our children, many of our nurses would have had to stay home when schools went to remote learning. Without the food service workers and store clerks, we would have struggled to keep our families healthy. It was the sacrifices of all frontline workers that gave us the ability to show up and care for our communities.”

Republican leaders in the frontline worker pay working group have continuously pushed to exclude large groups of essential workers from the support and recognition they have earned. Any amount is meaningful to these workers, and most important is the acknowledgement of how much they risked and sacrificed for all of us. Lawmakers have already blown past their deadline; we need action now to recognize all frontline workers as the heroes they are.

“They were there when we needed their help, how can we toss them aside now?” – Deb Tauer, LPN, President MLPNA 

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