When: Monday, Aug 12, 2024 - Friday, Aug 16, 2024, (All day)

Los Angeles, CA

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AFSCME Family –

Every two years, AFSCME members come together to conduct the business of our union, to set priorities for the future, to renew our commitment to our work and to each other.

As we prepare to meet in Los Angeles for AFSCME’s 46th International Convention, the mood across our union is one of pride, promise and optimism.

In recent years, we have confronted crises that threatened to destroy everything we have built together. First, there was a Supreme Court decision that imposed right to work in the public sector. Then, a global pandemic put our lives and livelihoods in jeopardy.

But we did not give up or give in. We showed unprecedented courage by staring down COVID-19 to serve our communities even under the most adverse conditions imaginable. We continued to strengthen our union through day-in, day-out engagement with both members and potential members. Just like we always do, the Mean Green Machine revved its engine and continued to roar.

We fought for and won a federal aid package that invested hundreds of billions of dollars in public services.

Those resources allowed us to negotiate historic new contracts that honored our sacrifices. We are pursuing an aggressive organizing agenda to grow our union. Through our Staff the Front Lines initiative, we are stepping up to the challenge of recruiting and retaining more public service workers to meet the urgent needs of our communities.

We are, more than ever before, Front Line & Fearless.

Even with all the momentum we have, we still must raise our game. For example, there is so much at stake in this fall’s elections – at the local, state and national levels. We have to bring our very best. We have no margin for error and no choice but to deliver big victories for pro-worker candidates up and down the ballot.

We are confident that AFSCME will be ready for that fight and all the big challenges ahead. With faith in one another, with a clear understanding of the task at hand, with an unshakable commitment to building union power together, and especially with the work we will do at the Convention, we will get it done – as we always do – the AFSCME Strong way.

See you in Los Angeles in August.

In solidarity,

Lee Saunders, International President
Elissa McBride, International Secretary-Treasurer