The Fight for School Workers

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Schools across Minnesota are having to make tough choices. Faced with severe staffing shortages, they are having to make impossible decisions. Increasing class sizes, cutting programs, closing facilities, nothing will improve until we can recruit new workers while retaining those who already have experience on the job. 

We can do this by focusing on the needs of our education workforce in Minnesota. Today, school workers face increasing pressures on the job. Injuries and burnout are more common now than ever before. Right now, many workers are deciding whether its worth staying in our schools when there are job opportunities elsewhere.

That is why AFSCME 65 is fighting to improve the working conditions and compensation for school workers. Investing in our school workers, will allow many to stay in their jobs while providing stability and security to their families. 

AFSCME 65 is Fighting For: 

Fair Access to Unemployment Insurance for School Workers.

Workers are leaving schools because they can’t find suitable work over the summer. School workers are the only group ineligible for unemployment insurance because of where they work. Giving them access to the same unemployment insurance as workers in all other industries will help many remain in our schools serving Minnesota’s students.

Paid Family & Medical Leave (Including access to FMLA). 

You can’t always plan for life. When difficult times come, having
access to paid leave can be vital to caring for your loved ones,
and your job should be there for you when you return. Currently
many school workers do not quality for FMLA. That would change
under our Paid Family & Medical Leave proposal.

Paid Training Days & Safer Staffing. 

School workers are on the front line of the mental health crisis.
That is why AFSCME 65 is fighting for safer staffing levels and paid
safety trainings for all school employees.

Guaranteed Pay During E-Learning Days

When classes go remote, workers often lose expected income through no fault of their own. The Minnesota Legislature must guarantee pay for E-Learning Days. Workers must be kept whole.

Access to Health Insurance

Many health insurance plans offered by school districts are not a viable option. State funding helping schools cover up to 100% of individual premiums will make insurance an option everyone.

Strong Starting Wages for All School Workers. 

If we want to keep experienced workers in our schools, we have
make sure they can afford to stay. Setting a strong minimum
starting wage for school workers will make it possible for schools to recruit and retain
the best people for Minnesota's students.

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