Stay Heat-Smart

A majority of workers in Minnesota and South Dakota are under either an Excessive Heat Warning or Watch. When the heat index is high, workers need to take extra caution to avoid heat-related illness.  Below are some tips and resources to prepare and protect you and your coworkers throughout a heatwave.

Links & Resources

OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety App - Provides real-time heat index and hourly forcasts specific to your location as well as OSHA and NIOSH safety and health recommendation so you can plan outdoor work safely. 

OSHA Heat Stress Calculator - Check whether or not your heat stress is above recommended limits.

Heat Illness First Aid - What signs and symptoms to watch for in yourself and coworkers. 

OSHA Heat Illness Prevention Information Page - Mulitple resources and links to help workers understand the risks and signs of heat illness. 

PDF icon AFSCME Heat Illness Prevention Model Plan

PDF icon OSHA Heat Stress Quick Card