Walz Budget Focuses on Minnesotan's Most Impacted by Pandemic

AFSCME Council 65 statement on Governor Walz’s proposed state budget:

Governor Walz’s budget plan lays out a strong path to recovery for Minnesota, focusing on those hit hardest by this pandemic and the economic fallout.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, corporations and the richest have watched their wealth soar while working Minnesotans face layoffs, quarantine without pay, unsafe working conditions, and rising costs.

This budget is a bold first step in creating a Minnesota where corporations and the richest pay their fair share, while providing desperately needed relief to millions of workers.

This pandemic has highlighted the disparities in our state. Governor Walz correctly prioritizes investments in paid family medical leave, stimulus for low-income families, forgivable loans for our small businesses, broadband access, improvements to our education system, and aid for our local governments.

At the same time, we are disappointed to see the statement by Senate Majority Leader Gazelka declaring his unwillingness to compromise or negotiate the key provisions of this budget that protect and support our communities as we begin to recover from this crisis.

Governor Walz said it best, “Budgets are moral documents that demonstrate our leaders’ priorities,” and our priorities must be investing in our communities.